Soaker pad for night training (training undies)

Soaker pad for night training (training undies)

The bamboo soaker pads fit inside the bee Moore training undies. There is no need to clip or attach as they easily stay in place. 

The soakers are designed to increase the absorbency. Making them great for night training, nap times and during long car rides.

The soaker is made up out of 3 layers of bamboo fleece. 

NZ$ 8.00
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*Please note there is no waterproof layer in the boosters, the waterproof layer is in the training undies. 

*The soakers will increase absorbency after a few washes. 

*This listing is just for the soakers, the picture is just demonstrating how they fit inside the undies. 


These training undies with added soaker pads for night training are designed to bridge the gap between pull ups and undies. They are ideal for kids who are starting to have lots of dry nappies or waking to go to the toilet. The soaker will make them feel the wetness which will help the training process. 

Please use in combination with a mattress protector. They will hold a decent amount of wetness, but they are not like a regular nappy as they are not fully waterproof. The whole middle layer is waterproof. If they have massive wees and they do not wake up it will wick through the layers or the sides. They are great for giving your child time to make it to the toilet or to reduce clean ups. 

Handmade in Blenheim, New Zealand.

All of the items are sewn to order by me. So please allow 10 working days for your items to be sewn/sent. Please email prior to ordering if you require something sooner. 

Please choose the same size pads as undies. 

Hip (widest part)

Waist (where the bands sits)

12 - 18m 

51 cm

48 cm

2 - 3y

56 cm

54 cm

4 - 6y

63 cm

60 cm

If you are a first time buyer we urge you to purchase one pair to confirm the fit as we are unable to have undies returned.

Undies are non returnable and non refundable due to hygienic reasons so please double check your sizing. If you need help with sizing please contact us via Facebook or

Smaller and bigger sizes are available on request.